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AtCura helps find the right care for our consumers!

Why is finding the right kind of care in your own neighborhood such an overwhelming task when it only takes a moment to book a hotel room halfway around the world? We were wondering the same thing! Finding the right care should be simple, informative and accurate! That’s why AtCura has built a thoughtful, unbiased, personalized, easy to use solution that allows you direct access to the right care facility matching your unique needs.  Start your search today! 

AtCura streamlines placements for healthcare professionals!

When was the last time you had to tell a patient that they couldn’t go home? That they were going to need the support of a long-term care provider? It’s never an easy conversation and it’s even more difficult when the only resources you have to offer them are brochures and magazines with lists of hundreds of options. AtCura knows that your job is to ensure that your patients receive the care they need both in and out of your facility and we’re here to help! We have created an innovative, real-time, interactive, searchable platform that helps you support your families when they need it most!  Contact us to find out how we can personalize AtCura to meet your needs!

AtCura gives care facilities peace of mind!

Are vacancies overwhelming you? How much time, money and effort do you spend finding your next resident? What happens when your efforts don’t pan out? What if you could eliminate that concern and spend that extra time and money growing your business? AtCura is designed to help you do just that! We have developed an intuitive technology platform that connects consumers, health care providers and others looking for care facilities, directly to you and at a price you can afford! Join the revolution, register your facility on AtCura today! 

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Jim Z.

RCFE Home Owner

“What a concept! To be free from paying services like “A Place For Mom” 120% of first month rent, to immediately update the rooms availability in my community, to be able to reach the appropriate residents online, etc. As an RCFE facility owner I could not be happier with AtCura.com – Thank you!”

Randy C.

Son of an aging father, AtCura Client

“My dad has been in the facility for a few days and he is doing wonderful. So far I can’t say enough positive things about the home and especially the caregiver’s there. They are wonderful. I want to thank you for your website and your personal assistance. I would have never found this home without AtCura.  Thanks

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